Making digital solutions for the grid of the future and their benefits better known is the goal of the newly created Digital Grid Initiative. Nine young companies from Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Austria have joined together to make the power of digital technology clearer. They are thereby reacting to an existing scepticism in the market about new technologies, their advantages and possible uses. The initiative aims at grid operators, associations, and regulatory authorities to promote exchange and dialogue between different stakeholders. The initiative members include Adaptricity, depsys, enersis, envelio, Greenbird, Gridhound, SMIGHT, Venios und Zaphiro.

Increasing complexity and uncertainty are hampering digitalisation

The energy system’s transformation is creating radically new requirements for technologies and regulation of the distribution grids. Distribution grid operators, associations and regulatory authorities experience a sharp increase in complexity for secure and cost-effective network processes. At the same time, there is a great deal of uncertainty using new, digital solutions due to the still strongly promoted classic grid reinforcement.

A series of webinars kick off in March

The Digital Grid Initiative sees itself as an open learning network without a formal organisational structure. “We want to promote the exchange of concrete experiences in the planning, implementation and operation of new solutions between the network partners and with the industry.” Says Andreas Ulbig, COO Adaptricity. The aim is to accelerate the transformation of the distribution grids in German-speaking countries towards digital grid operation. As a prelude to this, the initiative offers a series of webinars with practical information on new digital solutions and necessary administrative and operational processes. The first webinar kicks off in German on the 9th of March 2021, addressing the topic: “Future grid operation – analogue or digital?”

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