The energy world in transition

Our Goal

The DIGITAL GRID INITIATIVE addresses distribution grid operators with practical information on new digital solutions and the process adaptations required for this. The initiative formulates joint positions for associations and politics with the aim of supplementing the industrial policy of distribution grids from the investment-intensive grid expansion logic with intelligent and future-oriented, digital solutions. The DIGITAL GRID INITIATIVE sees itself as an open and learning network without a formal organisational form. It promotes the exchange of concrete experiences in the planning, implementation and operation of new solutions between the network partners and with the industry. The network operates through public events such as lectures, round tables and trade fairs, as well as through discussion offers, analyses and experience reports.


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News & Dates

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The DIGITAL GRID INITIATIVE is open to start-ups and SMEs that share the principle of "smart instead of copper" and are aimed at German-speaking countries to accelerate the transformation of distribution grids towards digital distribution grids. Our membership criteria can be found here.

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